Classes Required for TVI


The following classes are required to complete the TVI PROGRAM:


SPE 515 Programs and Services for Individuals with Visual Impairments (Foundations) which provides a broad overview of various aspects of blindness (e.g. agencies which provide services to persons with visual impairments, psychological and sociological aspects of blindness, history of the field.

SPE 516 Structure and Function of the Visual System is designed to familiarize the student with the various parts of the visual system and their impact on the process of seeing. The Functional Vision Evlauation/Learning Media Assessment process is also introduced.

SPE 517 Communication Skills for Persons with Visual Impairments requires the student to master Grades I and II of the literary braille code, Nemeth Code, and rudimentary slate and stylus.

SPE 518 Orientation and Mobility Skills and Concepts emphasizes body imagery, concept development, spatial awareness and mobility. Basic mobility skills including cane concepts and techniques and human guide are addressed.

SPE 551 The Role of the Teacher of Persons with Visual Impairments Introduces formal and informal assessment instruments appropriate for visually impaired students; sources and operation of special equipment, adaptation of curriculum for visually impaired learners.

SPE 552 Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Visual and Multiple Impairments Requires students to study a wide array of conditions that often accompany vision loss as well as educational programming considerations, assessment, and adaptation of environments for these students.

SPE 558 Practicum in Visual Impairment Students are required to do a Functional Vision Assessment and Learning Media assessment as well as attend an IEP Team meeting, write IEPs, and various other activities that certified TVIs perform.