Program Costs and Financial Assistance

The VIP Program has been awarded a grant to help support students who pursue training in visual impairment or orientation and mobility. This grant is provided from the State of Texas. We will, therefore, be able to offer full stipends to students on a competitive basis. These stipends will be sufficient to cover tuition and fees to the university. Books and supplies are the responsibility of the student. Stipends will be paid to students who are working on initial endorsements in either visual impairment or orientation and mobility. Extra classes needed for dual certification or the master's program must be paid for by the student as the grant can only pay for initial certification.

Because stipends are paid by a grant, you need to know that there is a mandatory payback of funds if the student does not either (1) complete the program or (2) serve in a capacity covered by the grant (working with students who have visual impairments) after the program is completed. Students must work two years for every one year that stipends are paid. This means that a typical student in the VIP Program will receive stipends for 12-18 months and will be expected to work with students who have visual impairments for 2-3 years, 2 years for each 1 year of stipends.