Application to VIP Program


(1) for VI, contact Michael Munro at 936-468-1036 or by sending an email to, or Frankie Swift at SFASU by calling 936-468-5511 or by sending an email to; or Deborah Cady at 936-468-2034 or; for O&M call Barry Stafford at 936-468-5348 or email, or Tracy Hallak at 936-468-1173 or Be sure to include information on:

  • your home, city, and state
  • your daytime and evening phone numbers
  • the program (TVI, COMS, Master's, or Dual) that you are interested in pursuing

(2) complete one copy of the SFASU Graduate School application form by clicking here. After you have completed the application and paid the $25 application fee ($50 as of Spring 2014), send a printed copy along with the program application.

(3) complete a VIP Program application form by clicking here.

(4) submit a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor to Michael. If you intend to apply for a Master's degree, you should submit two additional letters of recommendation to:

    • Michael Munro
    • Stephen F. Austin State University
    • Department of Human Services
    • PO Box 13019 SFA Station
    • Nacogdoches, TX 75962

(5) submit your (a.) statement of philosophy of teaching, (b.) your understanding of the role of a VI teacher or COMS, and (c.) your reasons for deciding to pursue this career move. 

(6) submit official copies of EACH of your transcripts from ANY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, COLLEGE, OR UNIVERSARY you have attend to Michael Munro at the address above. This includes college credit you may have earned in high school.

We will not be able to register you if ALL of these are not on file. Click here for a checklist of application requirements.

If you are working toward an endorsement only, and are NOT interested in getting a Master's degree, you should still select Special Education as your major and choose either Orientation and Mobility or Visual Impairment as an area of specialization. Click here if you require step-by-step instructions for completing this step.
**Please note: the area of specialization selection menu is slightly changed from the screenshot provided.

(7) where required, complete a phone interview with the VIP Program Student Selection Committee.

Having a letter of acceptance from the Graduate School does NOT necessarily mean that you have been accepted into Project VISION. In order to be accepted into our program, you MUST have a signed letter from Frankie Swift stating that you have been accepted to participate in Project VISION by the Application Committee.