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Circle Summaries April 1999

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Monday 4:00 Session

April meeting: Although our group was small, we had a good discussion regarding the courses we taught and how they offered different perspectives on similar topics. There seem to be natural links between the programs in health science and psychology; this might be something to share with our respective faculty so that it can be incorporated during advising. We also discussed the value of service learning and commuinity involvement, and the importance of writing requirements in all levels of classes.

May meeting: At this meeting we discussed some difficulties and strategies about getting students to work outside of class. This is particularily important in some upper-level classes where students will develop the necessary high-level skills only if they put the time into learning the skills. Many students seem to feel that all work should be able to be accomplished in class, or they have work / personal conflicts outside of class that excuse their not putting in the extra time/effort. Some strategies we discussed were to explicitly state on the syllabus and through out the semester that there will be a need for work outside of class in order to develop the skills and complete the work necessary to pass the class. Some faculty have set aside more class time to help students who have work / family conflicts outside of class. However, students often seem to see these days as "open" and skip class. A final strategy might be to have multiple due dates, with parts of the project (early drafts etc.) due in a progression.

Tuesday 12:00 Session (no summary)

Tuesday 4:00 Session (no summary)

Wednesday 3:00 Session (no summary)

Thursday 3:15 Session (no summary)


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