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What are Teaching Circles?

Teaching Circles help instructors (and other interested parties) share ideas about teaching. They are groups of 5-10 individuals who meet regularly (once a month for one hour) to discuss topics related to teaching. The individuals do not need to be from the same area. In fact, a broader range of ideas can be generated when members come from a variety of backgrounds.

Teaching Circles allow more extended discussion than do traditional workshops. These meetings can incorporate recent articles or books on a topic, or solely reflect the individuals' knowledge and experience. They should not be a gripe session. The object is to share ideas and strategies to improve teaching effectiveness.

During the Spring of 1998, university-wide teaching circles were created for the first time at SFASU. These circles meet at different times on different days of the week in order to maximize participation. Each semester, new circles are formed and new facilitators are recruited.

If you want to join a circle, please contact the TEC ( or contact one of the current circle facilitators.

Teaching Circles

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