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New Faculty August Orientation & Social Events


2009 - 2010 (This will be updated as the year progresses.)

Tuesday, August 25th General New Faculty Orientation Workshop and Lunch (8:00 am. - 1:00 pm.) Location: Business 133; Regents Suite A
Tuesday, August 25th Human Resources EEO Training (2:00 - ??) Location: tba
Wednesday, August 26th New Faculty Workshop Part II (8:00 am. - 12:25 pm.) Location: Wyatt Room, first floor of Steen Library
Wednesday, August 26th MySFA Workshop (OIT); (3:00 - 4:30)   Location: tba
Wednesday, August 26th University Social for New Faculty (6:00 pm. The Art center @ The Old Opera House) All faculty and staff invited to come and meet our new faculty.  Children are welcome.
Thursday, August 27th  University, College, and Department faculty meetings
(8:30 - 11:30 am.)
Monday, August 31st Classes Begin
Thursday, February 4

Spring Semester Social; Downtown Art Gallery


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