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TEC Confidentiality Guidelines


If asked, TEC staff may inform the department chair or other administrative offices whether or not the faculty member is working or has worked with the Center.  Otherwise, the TEC staff will keep confidential the identity of clients.

Professional observations, interactions, conclusions related to specific clients or cases and information about actual activities and results of a consultation will be given to the faculty member to be used as he/she chooses (e.g. to put in a teaching portfolio).  Any additional use of the results for educational purposes is subject to the consent of the faculty member.

If individuals outside of the TEC staff assist in working with a faculty member, they are covered by the same confidentiality policy and will be so informed (i.e., they may not provide details concerning consultation to administrators but they may indicate whether or not the faculty member is working with them).

To facilitate possible future individual consultation requests by a faculty member, TEC staff will store and maintain records in a safe way and comply with institutional, state, and federal regulations about storing and ownership of records.  However, because these data are being collected for an official university purpose, they are subject to the Texas Public Information Act.