Join SFA’s 2014 Lean In Circle

First, what is Lean In?

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead is a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of
Facebook. From Anyone who's watched Sheryl Sandberg's popular TED Talk,
"Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders," is familiar with‐‐and possibly haunted by‐‐the idea of
"having it all." "Perhaps the greatest trap ever set for women was the coining of this phrase,"
writes Sandberg in Lean In, which expands on her talk's big idea: that increasing the number of
women at the top of their fields will benefit everyone. Sandberg, the COO of Facebook,
encourages women to challenge the common workplace assumption that "men still run the
world." She asks men to be real partners, sharing in the family work that typically leads to a
woman's decision to stay home; she asks women who expect to start a family soon not to check
out of work mentally. Sandberg's critics note that her advice may not resonate with the masses:
The Harvard‐educated exec can afford a veritable army to help raise her children. But what
about women who don’t have access to such resources? Or what about women who don’t
have children? Notwithstanding, Sandberg's point‐‐which affects all of us‐‐is that women who
have what it takes to succeed at the highest professional level face many obstacles, both
internal and external. Lean In is likely to spur the conversations that must happen for
institutional changes to take place at work.

Next, what will we do in this circle?
The purpose of this book group will be to read the book over the course of the Spring 2014
semester (it’s a pretty quick read) and discuss ways in which women can lean in to our jobs in
academia in general—in our teaching, our creative/scholarly pursuits, and our service
commitments—as well as ways in which men can support the women in their families and work
environments in pursuing leadership positions. We can also discuss ways in which we can lean
in to our careers here at SFA.

Last, when will we meet?
11:30‐12:30 at the Teaching Excellence Center (2nd floor, Steen Library) on the following dates (I
picked alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays so no one would have to miss them all due to a
T/Th or a M/W class):

Date Chapters up for Discussion
Wed., February 5 Introduction, Chapter 1
Tues., February 18 Chapters 2 and 3
Wed., March 5 Chapters 4 and 5
Tues., March 25 Chapters 5 and 6
Wed., April 9 Chapters 7 and 8
Tues., April 29 Chapters 9 and 10

If you have questions about the group, please contact
Heather Olson Beal @