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Individual Consultation

We offer confidential individual consultations to faculty members, instructors, and teaching assistants who wish to discuss specific teaching concerns and effectiveness as they relate to a particular class or classes. As part of the consultation process, you may request personal classroom observations or a video recording. We can also provide and discuss additional resources on teaching methods. Consultations are confidential, non-evaluative and free of charge.

Why request a consultation?

Because you -

  • would like to get new perspectives on your teaching, discuss alternate approaches and new ideas, and/or expand your repertoire of teaching strategies.
  • would like to discuss other aspects of instruction and course management. For example, we can assist you with planning a course, creating a syllabus, working with problem students, planning a single activity, or assessing student learning.
  • want to discuss issues relating to a class you are teaching and feel that you would be unable to do so with departmental colleagues who might be involved with hiring, promotion or tenure-related activities.
  • have specific questions and concerns related to teaching and learning.

Benefits of Individual Consultation

  • Trying new approaches can be reinvigorating.
  • Working through problem areas will decrease stress and make teaching more fun again.
  • Participating in this activity can be documented on your annual report.

How to Schedule a Consultation

Contact a Co-Director by email (, call them at the Teaching Excellence Center: 936-468-1831,or stop by the office, room 202H in the Steen Library. (See our office hours on the home page of this site.)

Prior to consultation we would like you to complete the Faculty Interview form (Note: this file is a .pdf formatted file).  This form will help us better understand you and your goals for the consultation process.