2009 Teaching Excellence Awards

April 16, 2009

pictured from left to right - Dr. John Moore, Dr. Wayne Boring, Dr. Stephen Lias, Dr. Kim Archer, Dr. Beth Brice,
Dr. Dianne Dentice, Dr. Brian Oswald and Dr. Ric Berry

The Teaching Excellence program is an opportunity to recognize individuals for their contribution to the University through excellence as teachers.  Selection of excellent univerity teachers is based upon knowledge of subject matter; quality of lectures and assingments; enthusiasm for teaching; interest in availability to students; senstivity to the learning envrionment; effectiveness as a teacher assessed through student, peer, and alumni evaluations commitment to continuous improvement of their own classroom teaching; and contribution to the quality of teaching within the University through assistance and encouragement of other faculty.

Each College of the University selects a member of its faculty to receive a Teaching Excellence Award.  During this convocation each College recipient will also be recognized with a University Teaching Excellence Award.

The Teaching Excellence program has been awarding teaching excellence at Stephen F. Austin State University since the program's inception in 1994.

Recipients of 2009 University Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Kim Archer
Assistant Professor
James I. Perkins College of Education

Kim Archer, teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, and her research interests include body image dissatisfaction, nutrition education, sports nutrition, sport supplements, obesity prevention, community physical activity programs, sexual health education curriculum and weight management related issues. 

Dr. Archer initiated a very successful student-led SFA Health Fair which is conducted annually in the spring.





Dr. Wayne Boring

College of Sciences and Mathematics


Dr. Boring has been a member of the faculty for 40 years and is the senior analytical chemist in the Department of Chemistry.  He is the man whose judgment you seek to understand what analytical tools should be used (or not used) to solve a problem. 

In the classroom, he combines high standards and respect for the discipline with an affirming demeanor that brings out the best in students who are fortunate to be enrolled in one of his classes.  His enthusiasm for chemistry is infectious.


Dr. Dianne Dentice

Assistant Professor
College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Dr. Dentice is an invaluable member of the Department of Sociology.  Since taking over the department's minority relation class.  Dianne has demonstrated that she can talk about difficult issues like race and class in ways that really enagage students.  As a result, many of Dr. Dentice's students go on to become majors and minors in the department. 

The ability to make students see things in new ways, while at the same time showing them respect, is a skill that is second nature for Dianne.


Dr. Stephen Lias

Associate Professor
College of Fine Arts

Dr. Steve Lias is establishing SFA as an important center for music composition in Texas, nationally, and internationally.  He brings great knowledge of the subject matter, enthusiasm, and personal interest in students to his classes. 

The effect of this is that his students make important achievement in the field while still at SFA, and are highly sought after in the profession after graduation.


Dr. Brian Oswald

Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Brian Oswald has been recognized by his fellow professionals by being presented the 2002 Carl A. Schenck Award by the Society of American Foresters for outstanding forestry education.  Brian is both passionate and disciplined about his courses, especially the use of fire as a management tool, which instills passion for learning and creative thinking in his students. 

He is always well prepared and organized when he enters his classroom, thus motivating the same traits in his students.  He personifies the qualities for which this honor is intended.


Dr. Beth Brice
Nelson Rusche College of Business

For the past two decades Dr. Brice has skillfully balanced effective full-time teaching with the operation of a busy family law practice.  Here students regularly comment on the relevance she brings to the classroom through first hand legal experience and examples.  Her student ratings are consistently high.  Students love the fact that she knows about the "practice of business law" and the "real business environment". 

She is student-focused and always makes time for students, no matter how busy she is. She is also involved in research and scholarly activity that benefit the classroom.  She regularly uses assessment to ensure that students benefit from her courses.



Special Thanks


A special thanks to the members of the Teaching Excellence Committee who worked so hard to put this event together,

they are:

Dr. Lisa Mize, Human Sciences(Chair of Teaching Excellence Committee)

Ms. Pat Sharp, Geology

Dr. Keaton Grubbs, General Business
Dr. Leisha Bridwell, Human Sciences
Dr. Matthew McBroom, Forestry
Dr. Joyce Johnston, Modern Language
Dr. John Moore, Teaching Excellence Center


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