General Statement, Eligibility, and Criteria

I. Background:

  • These statements of eligibility and criteria were developed and refined by SFA Teaching Excellence Committee members: Patsy Hallman, Jim Garrett, Jean Parker, David Kulhavy, and Larry O'Neal in 1994 and 1995. In part, the criteria are based on information taken from: the Teaching Excellence Handbook, (1993-94 edition), published by SFA; Active Learning: Creative Excitement in the Classroom, (1991) by Charles C. Bonwell and James A. Eison, published by the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Washington, D.C.; and from Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios, (1993) by Peter Seldin, published by Anker Publishing, Bolton, MA. Revisions to this award were recommended and approved by the 2006-2007 Teaching Excellence Committee and the Academic Affairs Council.
  • II. Nature: These are awards for excellence in classroom teaching.
  • College Awards (6)
  • One faculty member from each college shall be recognized as the outstanding teacher from that college for the current academic year. The recognition shall be in the form of a plaque, monetary award, and public commendation at the awards ceremony held during the Spring semester of the academic year. Each college will determine the recipients of these awards.

  • University Award (6)
  • Each college recipient will also be recognized as a university recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at the University Teaching Excellence Convocation. During this convocation each recipient will receive a plaque and monetary award provided by the Office of the Provost in recognition of his or her accomplishments. The award will be presented by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs at the awards ceremony.


    III. Eligibility:

    IV. Characteristics of Effective Teachers

  • A. Primary Criteria:
  • B. Secondary Criteria:
  • V. Application and Review Procedures:

    VI. Teaching Excellence Convocation:

    VII. Deadlines:

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