SFA Teaching Excellence Awards in purple script

Pictured are the recipients of the 2004 Teaching Excellence Awards (left to right):
Dr. Charles D. Jones, Dr. Michael S. Fountain, Dr. James M. Garrett, Dr. Janie O. Kenner, Dr. Samuel Kyle Jones, Dr. Newton J. Gaskill, Dr. Larry J King

Recipient of 2004 University Teaching Excellence Award

Dr.James Garrett
College of Science and Mathematics

This year's recipient of the University Teaching Excellence Award is Dr. James M. Garrett, Professor of Chemistry. 
Dr. Garrett holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Arlington State College.  His doctorate is from the University of Texas at Austin.  He joined the SFA faculty in 1967 and was named Regents Professor in 1980, the first year the designation was awarded.  He was named Outstanding Professor by the Student Government Associate for his college in 1982 and for the university in 1991.  He received the SFASU Foundation Faculty Achievement Award in Teaching in 2003.
"He maintains extremely high standards for himself and more importantly for his students.  Dr. Garrett teaches his course at a very high and challenging level to students.  Yet, students give him high praise on written comments.  I am amazed at the number of past students that keep in touch with Dr. Garrett.  This truly shows how he has touched their lives in some way," said Dr. Michael A. Janusa, Professor and Chair, Chemistry.

College Recipients of the Teaching Excellence Award:

Dr. Larry King 
College of Applied Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. King earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in religion and communication from Southern Nazarene University. 
  • His Doctorate in communication is from the University of Oklahoma at Norman.  He joined the SFA faculty in 1998, after teaching for seven years at Lamar University. 
  • At Lamar, he led the estblishment of a broadcasng major and received the Regents Merit Award for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Kyle Jones 
College of Business
  • Dr. Jones received his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science in 1985 and his Master of Science degree in business administration in 1987 from Georgia Southwestern College.
  • Dr. Jones went on to earn a Doctorate in business administration in finance in 1998 from the Univesity of Mississippi.  He has served as a staff consultant for Earnst and Young and joined the SFA faculty in 2000.
  • He has regularly represented the finance department during both fall and spring Showcase Saturday events on campus and served as adviser to the Finance Club.

Dr. Janie Kenner 
College of Education
  • Dr. Kenner earned her Bachelor of Science degree in vocational home economics from SFA in 1963 and her Master of Science degree in home economics education in 1982.  She earned her Doctorate in textiles and clothing from Texas Woman's University in 1990.
  • Dr. Kenner joined the SFA faculty in 1980 and in 1997 was named with the Teaching Excellence Award for the Department of Human Sciences. 
  • In 1998 she was named Woman of the Year by the University Professional Women and, in 1999, she was named Distinguished Graduate by the Department of Human Sciences.

Dr. Charles Jones 
College of Fine Arts
  • "Dr. Jones earned a Bachelor's degree from Sam Houston state University and a Master's degree from New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas.  His Master of Fine Arts degree is from the University of the Americas in Mexico City.
  • He joined the SFA faculty in 1971, and in 2001 was named the SFA Alumni Association's Distinguished Professor.  In 2003 he was named Regents Professor.
  • Dr. Jones served in the U.S. Marines as a platoon commancer during the Vietnam War and was awarded the Silver Star Medal in 1966 for heroism. 

Dr. Michael Fountain 
College of Forestry
  • Dr. Fountain earned his Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree in 1970 from SFA, as his father had died in 1951, he also earned the distinction as the first "second generation" graduate in Forestry from SFA.
  • He went on to earn a Master of Science degree in forest recreation management in 1972 from SFA and his Doctorate in forest resource science from West Virginia University. 
  • He is Associate Dean of Forestry.  He was selected as the college's Teaching Excellence Award winner in 1996 and in 1997 received an award from the U.S. Forest Service for Meritorious Contributions to National Forests in Texas resulting from his testimony in court cases during an 11-year period.

Dr. Newton Gaskill 
College of Liberal Arts
  • "Dr. Gaskill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Weber State University in 1990.  His Master of Arts degree in Latin American Studies and his Doctorate in government are from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • He served as a taching assistant at UT during this graduate school years and received a Texas Excellence in Teaching Award as Outstanding Teaching Assistant in the Colleg eof Liberal Arts, a Gratduate Studies Professional Development Award and the Institute of Latin American Studies Professional Development Award.


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