SFA Teaching Excellence Awards



Pictured are the 2003 recipients of the Teaching Excellence Awards (left to right)
Dr. Alan Nielsen, Dr. Gary Douglas Kronrad, Dr. Randi Cox, Dr. Dan Bruton, Dr. Sammie Smith, Dr. Gary Mayer, Dr. Leon Young

Recipient of 2003 University Teaching Excellence Award
Dr. Dan Bruton, Associate Professor of Physcis and Astronomy,
College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Dan Bruton                 Dr. Marlin Young and Dr. Dan Bruton

Dr. Randi Cox, Assistant Professor of History - College of Liberal Arts
"Dr. Cox is an excellent professor with a passion for history unseen by my eyes thus far in my student career ...  She is constantly astounding me with her knowledge of Russian and Soviet History.  Her passion is inevitably infectious, and anyone who experiences her lectures goes home with a desire to learn more about the subject."  "If I had to describe Dr. Cox as a professor in one word, it would be 'dedicated', ... absolutely dedicated to the profession of teaching."

Dr. Gary Douglas Kronrad, Professor of Forestry - Arthur Temple College of Forestry

"Dr. Kronrad is somewhat like the hard-nosed, demanding coach who drives the team to the edge, but wins their respect when they realize what he has helped them to accomplish."  "He demands that each student produce at his or her highest potential, and will accept no less."  "Dr. Kronrad ... not only motivated us but also made us excel.  He thought we would accomplish what everyone thought impossible.  I am forever thankful to Dr. Kronrad and his teaching abilities."

Dr. Gary H. Mayer, Associate Professor of Communication - College of Applied Arts and Sciences
"Dr. Mayer has a special gift of combining serious commitment and dedication with delightful humour and wit ... In all my life I have never looked up to a single professor as I do Dr. Mayer."  "Dr. Mayer is a gem at SFA.  He shines in all that he does and spreads that light to those around him."  "Dr. Mayer truly lives to teach ... One can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice."  "His teaching style is a virtuoso performance without pretentiousness."

Dr. Alan Nielsen, Professor of Theatre - College of Fine Arts
"Dr. Nielsen's comprehensive knowledge of theatre criticism from its inception to modern times is nothing short of awe-inspiring ... I would consider him one of the most demanding faculty members with whom I have ever worked."  "Dr. Nielsen was the most influential professor that I had at SFA.  He was not just a professor - he was my teacher, my coach, my director, my mentor, and my encourager.  He had a unique blend of honest, forthrightness, and reality that was tempered with gentleness."

Dr. Sammie L. Smith, Professor of Accounting - College of Business
"Dr. smith's love of teaching is evident to all who know him.  He cares about his students ... has an open door policy to his office, helping with job placements, and encouraging his students to study and succeed."  "Dr. Smith ... loves the subject that he teaches ...  He demonstrates a passion for the way accountancy is supposed to be practiced and regulated."  "Dr. Smith is first and foremost a teacher; however, he is also a committed professional, an excellent role model for students, and a researcher."


Dr. Leon Young, Professor of Agriculture - College of Education
"Dr. Young exhibited a passion for teaching ... He helped to foster that same passion and motivation in his students."  "His thirst to explore and research unknown avenues of his discipline has sparked an undying flame in me to do the same."  "His ability to communicate was very strong, and his office door was always open ... Dr. Young had a knack for integrating basic research and applied research - a rarity in all areas of scientific research today."



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