SFA Teaching Excellence Awards in purple script
2002 Teaching Excellence Award recipients
Pictured are the recipients of the 2002 Teaching Excellence Awards (left to right): Dr. John Moore, Dr. Michael Tkacik, Dr. Hans Williams, University recipient Mrs. Shirley Watterston, SFA President Dr. Tito Guerrero III, Dr. DawnElla Rust, Dr. Jim Towns, and Dr. David Gundersen.

Dr. David Gundersen Dr. David Gundersen
Associate Professor of Management, Marketing, and International Business, College of Business
  • "Dr. Gundersen goes above and beyond the call of duty for his students and the university…He is truly in a class of his own."
  • "Dr. Gundersen not only is gifted in his portrayal of professional academics but his character and ethics are above reproach...My hat is off to Dr. Gundersen."
  • "You are by far the best professor at SFA and any student would agree with me...You always seem to go the extra mile and really seem to care about the students."

Dr. John Moore
Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Sciences and Mathematics
  • "When I had Dr. Moore as an instructor he evinced a remarkable power to make me wish to excel."
  • "Thanks so much for teaching me that Chemistry is not impossible and for always appearing to truly enjoy your job.  It sure makes a difference!"
  • "Thank you for being available to talk to.  Thank you for all the smiles and laughs and understanding.  You've done more for me than your can imagine...I definitely couldn't have done it if it were any other professor."
Dr. John Moore

Dr. DawnElla Rust Dr. DawnElla Rust
Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science, College of Education
  • "If not for her commitment and enthusiasm to the health science program, I would not be the person I am today."
  • "Dr. Rust catered to her students' learning styles and made textbook material come to life with her innovative demonstrations and teaching instructions."
  • "Dr. Rust is the type of professor that would give you the shirt off her back to see that you...succeed not only in the classroom but in life as well."
  • "The intellectual curiosity that you sparked in me is worth far more than any information that I could ever be tested over."

Dr. Michael Tkacik
Assistant Professor of Political Science and Geography, College of Liberal Arts
  • "Dr. Tkacik will have a hard time concealing from anyone his passion for learning and growing with his students."
  • "Dr. Tkacik's classes are unlike any other on this campus.  He brings a level of intelligence to the classroom that commands respect and often leaves one in awe.  Though he retains this high level of intellectual acumen, he touches each student on a fundamental level of understanding."
  • "Dr. Tkacik regularly fosters magnificent classroom discussions that create a blitz of questions and an aura of creative energy."
Dr. Michael Tkacik

Dr. Jim Towns Dr. Jim Towns
Professor of Communication, College of Applied Arts and Sciences
  • "You have touched me and I have grown.  Thank you -- my life is richer for having taken your course, and for knowing you."
  • "Yes, you worked the class hard, but for me this has left me with a lasting impact.  It has made me aware of how...communication is so vital to one’s life."
  • "I can honestly say that I've never had a more enjoyable class in the twelve years of school that I've been through.  I cannot put into words how much your class meant to me...Your wisdom has already affected my life and helped me through rough situations."

Ms. Shirley Watterston
Lecturer of Music, College of Fine Arts
  • "She always brings such joy and vitality to her work, and it is this archetype that has provided the model for me in my career and in my life....Shirley is a shining beacon of professionalism, creativity and passion."
  • "Her demeanor was constantly kind, her love of teaching infectious, her musical ideas insightful, and her criticism direct and accurate, though never subverting the ego of the student."
  • "She gives so selflessly of herself...She is a one woman cheering section.  She will hold you up until your are capable of standing on your own."
Mrs. Shirley Watterston

Dr. Hans Williams, Jr. Dr. Hans Williams, Jr.
Associate Professor of Forestry, College of Forestry
  • "Dr. Williams shows great enthusiasm in everything…[he] encourages a strong work ethic in his students and challenges them to think."
  • "Dr. Williams opened a world of opportunities for me, and is always willing to lend me a hand when most needed."
  • "Dr. Williams is a clearly spoken educator that has the unique ability to communicate complex information to college students in an understandable fashion...He leads by example and encourages students to give 110%."

Dr. Tom Callaway

Dr. Callaway was the keynote speaker for the 2002 Teaching Excellence Convocation.  He was the 1998 Recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award, and he is a Regents Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  During the 28 years he has been a faculty member at SFA, he has taught all the Physics courses in his department.  From 1991-1998, Dr. Callaway garnered more than $370,000 in grants, much of it used to improve teaching for elementary school teachers who teach physics.  He is the former Chair of Physics and Astronomy Department (1979-1988) and is the current Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Dr. Tom Callaway

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