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Workshops and Faculty Development

ORSP offers opportunities for faculty and staff to learn about our services, the types of funding available, how to locate funding sources, the steps in developing proposals and project budgets, and post-award and compliance topics.

GRANT SUPPORT GROUP LUNCHEONS – This discussion series focuses on various grant-related topics and is limited to faculty and staff working with active grants. Lunch is served at 11:30 and the program runs from 12-1 pm (President's Suite B - Pattillo Student Center). RSVP required.

Contact ORSP for more information and to be included on the contact list.

  • October 4. 2016
  • December 1, 2016 (Chairs & Deans only)
  • March 7, 2017
  • June 13, 2017

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - Comprehensive services provided by ORSP to inform, train, and support new (and not-so-new) faculty members.

SRRING 2017 WORKSHOPS - Please call ext. 6606 or email tuckers1@sfasu.edu to sign up:

The Grant Process
Wyatt Room, Ralph W. Steen Library, 1st floor
This workshop will outline the life cycle of a grant, from grant application, award management, and close-out. Basic steps will be outlined for navigating ORSP and other university grant processes..

Writing a Grant
Wyatt Room, Ralph W. Steen Library, 1st floor
This workshop is an overview of the basic principles of writing a successful proposal/grant and the life cycle of the proposal process. Learn the elements of the proposal and its contents. Determine how to choose the right funding source for your project.

Facilities & Administrative Costs (IDC)
Wyatt Room, Ralph W. Steen Library, 1st floor
This workshop provides an overview of indirect (facilitative & administrative) costs, including policies, procedures, budgeting, distribution formulas of recovered indirect costs, and allowable use of distributed funds..

Budget Development
Wyatt Room, Ralph W. Steen Library, 1st floor
Learn how to develop and manage a budget that meets both sponsor and university requirements. This session will cover salary, fringe benefit calculation, capital outlay and more. Also covered are guidelines for items such as matching/cost sharing and faculty compensation.

Internal Funding Overview
InfoLab 2, Ralph W. Steen Library, 2nd floor
This session will consist of a general overview followed by a question and answer session covering the Internal Funding Opportunities offered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  Faculty members will be able to receive direct assistance on applications and structure internal funding applications as a means of strengthening and eventually applying to outside sponsors.

Workshops and Training Opportunities Provided by Other Entities
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