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Stephen F. Austin State University
Grants and Contracts Procedures Manual (GCPM)

Adopted by SFA policy 8.3 - Revised: October 9, 2017


PART 1 - General Information
Overview of ORSP Services / Definitions
Role of University Offices in Sponsored Projects
ORSP and Grant-related Procedures
Tax Exempt Status / SFA Foundation / Gifts vs. Grants
Description and Purpose of Grant Forms
PART 2 - Find Funding
Internal Grant Funding (FRG, MG, CRP)
External Funding / PIVOT

PART 3 - Prepare a Grant Application
Standard Proposal Information (Contacts, Addresses, EIN, DUNS, etc.)
Proposal Processing and Submission Procedures
Contracts to SFA: Development, review and approval
Tips for Project Planning and Proposal Writing
Special Proposal Requirements (NSF, NIH, etc.)
Develop a Budget
Fringe Benefit Calculations
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) / Indirect Cost (IDC) Calculations

PART 4 - Manage an Award
Award Processes - Set up an award
Budget Management and Amendments
Subawards, Participant and Vendor Contracts
Cost Sharing
Other Award Management Topics
Project Close-out and Reports

PART 5 - Policies and Compliance
Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD)
Ethics in Research, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Disclosing and Managing Financial Conflicts of Interest
Export Control
Human Subjects, Animal Welfare, Biosafety / Environmental Safety
CITI Research Training Modules
SFA Policies Governing External and Internal Funding
Federal and State Regulations