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Policies and Procedures

Research and sponsored project funds awarded to SFA must conform to SFA policies and guidelines, federal and state laws and regulations,and specific sponsor requirements. Projects where SFA is a subawardee are subject to applicable policies of the sponsor providing the funding, as well as whatever other terms and conditions are specified by the prime awardee.

Principal Investigators (PI) and Project Directors(PD) are responsible for adhering to applicable policies, procedures, and regulations.

Role of University Offices in Sponsored Projects
The President, the Provost/VPAA, General Counsel, Human Resources, The Comptroller, and the Internal Auditor - each of these offices plays a role in the grant award cycle.

ORSP and Grant-Related Procedures
What procedures are related to your grant? Who is your primary contact for this area? This short list provides ORSP contacts and quick links to specific areas of the ORSP Grants and Contracts Procedures Manual (TAM).

Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD)
The PI/PD is responsible for the programmatic management of the grant or contract as approved by the funding agency and in adherence with all stated policies and procedures. A list of responsibilities is detailed for pre-award, post-award, and close-out phases of a project.

SFA Policies Governing External and Internal Funding
Links to policies relevant to the conduct of research and sponsored projects are provided.

Federal and State Regulations
Federal and state sponsors require specific compliance requirements for all grant and contract awards, in addition to award-specific terms and conditions. Federal sources include OMB circulars, EDGAR, and FAR. State sources include the Unifrom Grant Management Standards.