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Manage a Project from Start to Finish

Congratulations! You've been awarded a grant! Now the real work begins. Although overall project management is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD), ORSP staff is available to help ensure a successful project outcome.

Responsibilities of the PI/PD
PI/PD responsibilities for grant management is listed. Additional detail is provided through the links below.

Award Process
A mandatory orientation session is required for new awards. Award documents, applicable policies and regulations, conditions of the award, are provided, as well as the Grant Management Guide and information needed to successfully manage your award.

Budget Management
Each new externally funded grant or contract must have it's own Banner fund and internal budget. Learn about the PIs/PDs responsibility for budget management, including procedures for cost transfers and cost overruns.

Project and Budget Amendments
Do you need to make a change in your contract, budget, objectives or scope of work, or personnel? Do you need an extension to finish your work? This section will explain the necessary processes for each of the above.

Subawards, Participant Agreements, and Contracts for Services: Development, approval and management
In order to pay any entity (individual, organization, educational institution, etc.) not employed by SFA, an executed contract must be on file before the work is performed.

Cost-sharing and Matching: Documenting expenses
This section will explain how to document cost-sharing and provide a link to a quick reference guide.

Personnel Policies and Procedures
The department of the employee is responsible for completing and routing all personnel forms, including those for grant-paid employees. Learn about EPAFS and other Human Resources information.

Effort Certification (Time and effort reporting)
What is effort? What is effort certification? Who must certify effort? What training opportunities are available? Learn the answers to all those questions in this section.

Project Close-out Procedures
This section covers what needs to be completed after a project has ended, including disposition of equipment and supplies, records retention, and audit considerations.

Other management areas include:

Technical Reports and Other Deliverables
Financial reports are NEVER submitted by project staff without prior review by the Controller's Office; most must be submitted by the Grants Accountant. Follow this link to learn more.

Program Income and Other Credits
Program income means gross income earned by the recipient that is directly generated by a supported activity or earned as a result of the award. In this section, learn how program income is deposited and credited.

Sponsorship Acknowledgement and Disclaimers
How must you acknowledge support from a granting agency? This section will answer that question.

Intellectual Property and Publications
Questions about intellectual property rights may arise from research aimed at discovery and dissemination of knowledge. Learn how the Board of Regents deals with these issues in this section.

I'm leaving. Can I take my project with me?
Maybe. Learn more here.