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Internal Funding

Research Enhancement Program (REP)
REP funds are university funds that are managed by the director of ORSP. Guidelines for the award of REP funds are developed by the University Research Council. There are two categories of REP funds: Faculty Research Grants and Minigrants.

Faculty Research Grants (FRG)
Faculty Research Grants provide substantive support for research and creative activities and are awarded through an annual and semester competitions. Effective FY14, there are three categories of Faculty Research Grants: Research/Creative Activities (RCA); Research Grant Development (RGD); and Research Pilot Studies (RPS).

Minigrants (MG)
Minigrants are awarded year-round and provide resources for faculty members for research and creative work, and to serve as seed monies to increase a faculty member's competitiveness in the acquisition of external funds. Effective FY14, there are three categories of Minigrants: Project Support (PS); Publication Support (PS); and Travel Support (TS).

Research Development Program (RDP)
The RDP is funded with Research Development Funds, provided by the Texas legislature to promote increased research capacity at Texas academic teaching institutions. Priorities for the award of RDP funds are based on a Research Development Program plan developed with input from deans, chairs, faculty and members of the University Research Council.

University Research Council (URC)
The URC, chaired by the director or ORSP, is responsible for recommending policies and procedures to encourage research activities and to improve the research environment of the university; developing and recommending university research policies based upon state and federal laws and regulations; recommending adjudication to variances to polices and procedures; and developing guidelines for recommending awards of Faculty Research Grants.

URC Orientation Manual - Contains definitions, examples, and other helpful information regarding the Research Enhancement Program