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Find External Funding

Obtaining external funding can be a complicated and confusing process, but one which is well worth the effort. ORSP staff can assist you in identifying sources of outside funding and can provide insight into agencies’ interests, funding priorities, and funding record.

Types of Sponsored Projects
Research and Development
Restricted Gifts

Benefits of External Funding
As a faculty or staff member, external funding can provide funding for student assistants and GRAs, equipment purchases for research, travel funds to collect data, and provide summer salary support (which can help maximize your retirement!).

Overall, when faculty and staff receive external funding, it promotes the mission of SFA, provides more opportunities for transformational student learning through research and project activities, and helps faculty accomplish professional goals for tenure and promotion.

How to Find External Funding
Locating funding and matching your project ideas to a funding agency's needs can be a challenge. There are a variety of online publications, searchable databases, and funding notice listservs that can be useful in a grant opportunity search.