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Subawards & Contracts

All grant-related contractual agreements must be reviewed by ORSP. After review, ORSP routes these agreements through the Office of the General Counsel for review prior to obtaining the signature of the President. ORSP does not use the iContracts system.

There are two types of contractual agreements that are processed through ORSP:

Contracts to SFA: ORSP reviews and obtains legal counsel approval and President signature of agreements generated by a funding agency or other entitity to SFA. This includes cooperative agreements, Interagency and interlocal agreements, and task orders, as well as memorandums of agreement (MOA) or understanding (MOU) that include a financial or manpower commitment for SFA.

Contracts from SFA (Subawards, Participant Agreements, and Contracts for Services): ORSP develops, obtains legal counsel approval and President signature, and manages contracts developed by SFA to an external entity/individual. These contracts may award a portion of the scope of work to an institution (subawards/subcontracts), or pay entity or individual for a product or service (vendor, service, professional/consulting services, and participant agreements).