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Apply for a Grant

ORSP staff are available to help you navigate the application process and submit the best proposal you can in an organized, timely, and professional manner. Remember to contact ORSP as soon as you decide to apply for a grant, so we can gather signatures and begin the behind-the-scenes processes required for submission of your application.

Proposal Processing and Submission Procedures
These include: Administrative review, clearance process, electronic submissions, paper applications, terms and conditions for grants and other sponsored agreements (including contracts.)

*PI/PD Eligibility Criteria
*Proposal Clearance and Submission Process
*PI/PD Proposal Checklist

Contracts to SFA: Development, review and approval
Processes that must followed before a contract, subcontract, subaward, consulting agreement, interagency, interlocal, cooperative agreement or any other form of agreement from another entity to SFA can be fully executed.

Tips for Project Planning and Proposal Writing
You've got an idea, you've done your research, and you're ready to start writing. Here's how to start!

Develop a Budget
Budget preparation including direct and indirect costs, subawards and contracts, matching and cost-share commitments, and budget justifications.

*Direct and Indirect Costs
*Matching and Cost-sharing Commitments
*Budget Justifications