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Colloquium 9/15: Dr. Matt Beauregard on “Surgical Splitting”

On Monday September 15th at 3:30 in Math 357, Dr. Matt Beauregard will be talking about “Surgical Splitting”. This talk will be interactive and interesting to all levels of students. Students with exposure to differential equations or numerical methods are especially encouraged to attend.

Abstract: Time dependent mathematical models are often written in terms of partial differential equations.  The spatial derivatives can then be approximated to develop a system of first order differential equations in time. The solutions can formally be written in terms of an evolution operator.  A final approximation can be formulated through approximating the underlying matrix exponential.  Approximating the matrix exponential can be time-consuming, especially for high dimension problems.  Is it possible to split the problem?  If so, how is this influenced by forcing terms, nonlinearities, or geometric considerations? We’ll be investigating these questions with some toy problems.  Students with exposure to differential equations are especially encouraged to attend!   Come prepared with a few pieces of paper, pen/pencil, and water to stay hydrated as we sweat through this surgical splitting procedure. (flyer in PDF form)

Tenth Annual Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

The 10th annual Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (TUMC) will be held on October 17th and 18th at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches TX. Registration can be found online and is available from now until October 4th . The conference schedule and information can be found online here. Our speakers will be Dr. Theron Hitchman from the University of Northern Iowa and Dr. Amy Finkbiner from Lockheed Martin. Here are some more helpful links: TUMC Facebook Page, Facebook event (invite your friends!), and flyer

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