Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Calendar & Events

Our department is very active with speaking events, student club activities, and celebrations of milestones. At the end of the spring semester, the department holds an awards banquet to recognize the achievements of our students and award scholarships. Our main speaking series is the R. W. Yeagy Colloquium, sponsored by the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Main events going on this semester include the following:

  • R. W. Yeagy Colloquium - Mondays at 3:30 pm in Math 357

    26 Sep 2011 Meagan Hensley,
    SFASU Dept of Math & Stats
    Secondary Mathematics Laboratory
    3 Oct 2011

    Jeremy Becnel,
    SFASU Dept of Math & Stats

    P vs. NP

    7 Nov 2011

    Jane Long,
    SFASU Dept of Math & Stats

    How Children Develop the Idea of Number

    5 Dec 2011 Ken Smith,
    Sam Houston State University
    Discrete Fourier Analysis and New Circulant Weighing Matrices

  • Math Education Research Group - every other Monday at 2:30 pm in Math 305

    12 Sep 2011 Keith Hubbard

    NSF T4 Grant Increasing the STEM Pipeline

    26 Sep 2011 Tom Judson Learning Gains of Grant Funded Teacher-Leaders
    10 Oct 2011 Megan Hensley Observable Pedagogical Content Knowledge in 1st Year Teachers
    24 Oct 2011 Sarah Stovall, Roy Joe Harris Reaching High Schoolers through Dual Credit Mathematics
    7 Nov 2011 Jane Long Inquiry Based Learning
    21 Nov 2011 Keith Hubbard Long-term Educational Data Collection
    5 Dec 2011 Kim Childs Equipping Teacher-Leaders and the big picture of STEM research

  • Combinatorics Reading Group - every Wednesday at 3 pm in Math 357
  • Math Club - second Fridays at 2:00 in Math 101

Event schedules from past semesters: