Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Calendar & Events

Our department is very active with speaking events, student club activities, and celebrations of milestones. At the end of the spring semester, the department holds an awards banquet to recognize the achievements of our students and award scholarships. Our main speaking series is the R. W. Yeagy Colloquium, sponsored by the College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Here are the main speaking events in our department for Fall 2009. Click on the links for the event's flyer/abstract or PowerPoint presentation. Following the list is a Google calendar of departmental events and links to evens from past semesters.

11 September Math Clubs Brian Beavers, SFASU Department of Math & Stats
Going Uphill Both Ways : How Math Just Keeps Getting Easier AND Harder
21 September R.W. Yeagy Colloquium

Thomas Judson, SFASU Dept of Math & Stats
The Case of Meganesian Carnivores

28 September R.W. Yeagy Colloquium M. Sebastian Pauletti, Texas A&M University
One Biomembrane Problem
9 October Math Clubs  
12 October R.W. Yeagy Colloquium

Robert Henderson, SFASU Dept of Math & Stats
Some Perspectives on Working in Industry

16 October Convocation Mathematics Convocation
26 October R.W. Yeagy Colloquium

Robert Henderson, SFASU Dept of Math & Stats
An Alternative Distribution Model for Control of Process Particle Counts in the Semiconductor Industry

9 November R.W. Yeagy Colloquium Nick Long, SFASU Dept of Math & Stats
The Necessity of Wavefunctions
13 November Math Clubs  
16 November R.W. Yeagy Colloquium Joe Musser, SFASU Department of Physics and Astronomy
Light, Lasers and Quantum Mechanics: Controlling the Random with the Probabilistic
7 December R.W. Yeagy Colloquium TBA
11 December Math Clubs  
TBA December Math Clubs Christmas Party

Event schedules from past semesters: