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Colloquium 11/16: Dr. Robert Vallin on “Mathematics and Card Magic”

On Monday November 16th, at 3:30 PM in Math 357, Dr. Robert Vallin of Lamar University will be talking about “Mathematics and Card Magic.” This talk will be accessible for all students and Dr. Vallin is an excellent speaker.¬†(flyer in PDF form)

Abstract:¬†Recreational Mathematics is about doing mathematics for fun, rather than research. It covers many topics including games, puzzles, juggling, art, and more. It has had no greater champion than Martin Gardner, who wrote the Mathematical Games column for “Scientific American” for 25 years. In this talk we will look at several card tricks that are based on mathematics and were introduced to the world at large by Gardner, and show some of the workings behind them. We will further see how one particular trick relates to some known ideas and leads to developing new mathematics.

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