Department of Biology

Welcome Future Students

Why study biology?

     When you study biology, you are investigating the science of life. You will begin to appreciate the structure, function, and diversity of living things in our world. Biology prepares you for a fascinating future in conservation, ecology, health science, genetic engineering, or any of a multitude of interesting careers open to life scientists. The need for persons trained to solve problems will increase as human populations place more pressure on the natural world.

Why study biology at SFASU?

     The Department of Biology is located in the E. L. Miller Science building at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The department provides instruction in a number of biological disciplines to undergraduate biology students and graduate students each semester.

     The demand for college graduates with a strong theoretical foundation in biology is recognized and reflected in modernized instruction and hands-on laboratory experience. A common core of biology courses are offered with focused studies in cellular and molecular biology, botany and ecology and evolutionary biology.

     The faculty and staff are genuinely committed to excellence in scientific education and research and have a sincere interest in your success. Each faculty member in the biology program has specialized training with one or more groups, teaches advanced courses in their area of expertise, and maintains an ongoing research program with opportunities for student involvement.

     Attention is paid to critical thinking and communication skills, the application of the scientific method and problem solving, ethics and experimental design. Upon graduation, students are prepared for direct placement in entry level positions as well as advanced graduate studies and professional degrees.

Our Mission

     The Biology Department's mission is to produce broadly trained biologists with the skills and knowledge that will prepare them to succeed in the biological field of their choosing. The academic programs offered have the intellectual breadth and academic rigor needed to achieve this objective. Goals to meet the mission:

          • Graduates will possess a fundamental knowledge of living organisms.

          • Graduates will possess critical thinking skills and be able to apply
             the scientific method to solve problems.

          • Graduates will appreciate and be able to describe the role that advances
             in biology play in our society.

Get to know us

     Please take the time to explore our website and get to know us. If you still have questions or would like more information please contact us by phone, email, or just come by. We would love to see you and show you why SFASU is the place for you!


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