Department of Biology

The Undergraduate Biology Program at SFASU

Teacher Certification

Certification for High School Life Sciences Teaching

     Refer to the SFASU College of Education for specific professional teacher education coursework requirements for Educator Certification. Below is a summary of biology course requirements for certification.

Freshman Year (32-34 hours)

BIO 130, or 131 and 131L, or 133 and 133L           3-4 hrs.
Freshman English                                                       3 hrs.
CHE 133 and 133L                                                     4 hrs.
MTH 138                                                                     3 hrs.
Elective                                                                       3 hrs.
                                                                           16-17* hrs.

BIO 130, or 131 and 131L, or 133 and 133L          3-4 hrs.
Freshman English                                                      3 hrs.
CHE 134 and 134L                                                    4 hrs.
MTH 133                                                                    3 hrs.
Elective                                                                      3 hrs. 
                                                                          16-17* hrs.

*Upon approval of the adviser, certain courses required for the B.S. degree outlined for the College of Sciences and Mathematics earlier in this bulletin may be substituted for one or more of the courses shown above.


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