Department of Biology

The Undergraduate Biology Program at SFASU

Biology Minor

     A biology minor may be earned by taking 20-23 hours of biology. All those seeking a minor must successfully complete (a C or better) BIO 130, 131 and 133. The minor may be completed by taking three additional upper-division biology courses. All general and specific course prerequisites are applicable.

     The following courses may not be used to complete a minor: BIO 121, 123, 238, 239, 301, and 308. Additionally, only three hours of a BIO “300” level course may be counted towards the minor.

General Course Prerequisites

     A minimum grade of C is required in all courses that are prerequisites to a biology course. Students must be TSI complete or exempt or have completed all required developmental courses with Cs or better in order to enroll in BIO 130, 131, 133, 238, and 239. Click here for more information about TSI status.


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