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The Biology Graduate Program at SFASU


Career Areas in Biology

     With a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in the appropriate field you can become one of a group of science-trained professionals upon whom business, industry, government and education have come increasingly to depend. Careers include the academic world (e.g., research technician, teaching laboratory coordinator, greenhouse facilities coordinator), in government, (e.g., research technician, regulatory agency, field agent) and in industry (e.g., research technician, life sciences product design and development specialist, life science product sales). Opportunities for biologists in biotechnology industries are expanding rapidly.

     Completion of the M.S. degree prepares graduates for success in many career areas. A wide range of positions are available with post-graduate education and experience including the following:

Basic Science Applied Sciences Areas of Study
Anatomy/Morphology/Physiology Agronomy Animal Behavior
Aquatic and Marine Biology Biochemical Prospecting Aquatic Biology
Biochemistry and Biophysics Biotechnology Developmental Biology
Cytology and Histology Breeding Entomology
Ecology and Environmental Science Ethnobotany Electron Microscopy
Genetics Food Science Evolutionary Biology and Systematics
Marine Biology Horticulture/Forestry Functional Morphology
Molecular Biology Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Herpetology
Paleobiology Natural Resource Management Immunology, Parasitology and Virology
Systematics and Taxonomy Plant Pathology Microbiology
    Molecular Genetics
    Plant Ecology, Physiology and Morphology
    Vertebrate Ecology



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