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The Undergraduate Biology Program at SFASU

Areas of Study

     Although the Department of Biology has a broad mission in teaching and research, it recognizes that all aspects of biology are mutually related. The Biology Program emphasizes botany, cell and molecular biology, and ecology and evolution in its strategic planning. These areas of emphasis are interconnected and are particularly relevant to the East Texas region, which is rich in opportunities for research in these biological disciplines. This emphasis also provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary studies with the Departments of Geology and Chemistry, as well as the College of Forestry and Agriculture. This strategic objective characterizes the Department of Biology’s perspective of looking at biology as a study of systems, rather than concentrating on one specific discipline to the exclusion of others.

     In addition to the core curriculum required to graduate with a B. S. in Biology, all students must also select from one of the following degree tracks listed. A brochure for each degree track is also available to print for more specific information about each program by clicking on the links below.

B.S. Biology Degree Tracks:

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PDF Icon Cell and Molecular Biology
PDF Icon Ecology and Evolution

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Degree Track Requirements

     A minimum of 40 semester hours of biology, including the core curriculum (22 hours), is required for a major in biology. Refer to the requirements for the B.S. Degree with a major in biology.


Required courses (17-18 hours): *In addition to biology core curriculum

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Required courses (16-20 hours): *In addition to biology core curriculum

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Required courses (14-22 hours): *In addition to biology core curriculum

Additional courses are available to fulfill shortfalls in hour requirements for each degree track with advisor approval thus allowing the student to customize their degree track to a specialized area of scientific interest. Additional courses can be viewed here.

Please take time to browse through our selections of coursework and faculty to find the area of study and/or research that interests you.  The faculty is always eager to help prospective students in defining their path toward their goal of being highly competitive upon entering the job market after graduation.


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