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ATR Referral Forms:

Injury Referral (Injuries before August 1, 2012)

Injury Referral II (Injuries after July 31, 2012)
Injury Referral III (Additional form for our foreign athletes)


ATR Forms:
  SFA Athletics Admin. Forms:
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Page
Coaches Forms
Letterhead (Word Format)
Communicable Disease Policy
ASA - 10 - 14
    Revised Ath. Scholarship Form (10/2012)
Daily Injury Report
On-Campus Meals
Release of Medical Documents to SFA
AED Inspection Log
Release of Medical Documents from SFA

Fax Cover Sheet

Class Excuse
  Athlete Forms:
OSHA Compliance
Walk-on Try-out Waiver (1 day try-out)
AED Training Log
Walk Around Form (> 1 day try-out)
Blood Borne Pathogen Training
Physical Forms
Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver
Exit Physical Exam
Rehabilitation Record

Treatment Log

  NCAA/SLC Forms:

SOAP Notes


Medical Hardship - Individual Sport

Daily Athletic Training Room Cleaining List

Medical Hardship - Team Sport

Supply Checkout



Graduate Assistant Evaluation

Athletic Training Intern Evaluation


Insurance Forms:

Web Portal


Bob McCloskey Insurance Form (For Injuries before August 1, 2012)

A-G Administrators Insurance Form (For Injuries after July 31, 2012)
Notarized Statement of No Other Insurance