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Athletic Training Facilities

Homer Bryce Stadium
Athletic Fieldhouse /
Sports Medicine Center
Homer Bryce Stadium
The Athletic Training facility is located behind the Athletic Fieldhouse at Homer Bryce Stadium.
This facility houses primarily football, soccer, softball, and the track teams.
The Fieldhouse was built in 1971, but the current Athletic Training room was not at this same location until 1987.
In the Fall of 2004, the Athletic Training Room was moved to the new Sports Medicine & Academic Center.
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W.R. Johnson
William R. Johnson Coliseum
William R. Johnson Coliseum was built in 1974 and is home for both the Men's and Women's basketball teams,
as well as home matches for the volleyball team.
The men moved into their current Athletic Training room in 1998,
while the women have been in the current Athletic Training room since 1988.
In addition, the Coliseum also hosts different UIL events, concerts, and banquets.
Click on the picture of William R. Johnson Coliseum to get a tour of both the men's and women's Athletic Training rooms.

Shelton Gymnasium
Shelton ATR
Shelton Gymnasium is the practice facility for the Volleyball team and occassional host to Men's and Women's Basketball.

Jaycee's Field
Jaycee's Field ATR
Jaycee's Field, located off of the NorthWest loop, is home of Lumberjack Baseball.

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