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Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
First-Year Students

TSI is a program mandated by Texas law, and its requirements apply to all students in Texas public colleges and universities.

In order to help students be successful in their academic careers, the TSI program evaluates each student's abilities in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Students are then assigned into the appropriate developmental coursework as necessary.

Exemptions from TSI


You may earn total exemption from TSI testing if you satisfy ALL scoring requirements on one of the following tests:

1070 Combined
500 Math
500 Critical Reading
23 Composite
19 Math
19 English
11th grade only
2200 Math
2200 ELA and 3 essay
Please note the following:

TAKS (11th-grade test only) - expires three years from test date.

SAT, ACT - expire five years from test date.


You may earn partial exemption from TSI testing by meeting both the combined or composite score AND the subject score from the same testing date on the ACT or SAT. For example:

  • ACT 23 composite + 19 math = exempt from math.
  • SAT 1070 combined + 500 verbal = exempt from reading and writing.

You may also earn partial exemption by meeting one standard listed above for the 11th-grade TAKS test (2200 math or 2200 + 3 in ELA/Essay).

It is possible to earn total exemption from TSI testing by combining partial exemptions.

If you meet the score requirements for English/Critical Reading, then you are exempt from testing in both writing and reading.



If you are not exempt in all three subject areas, you must have TSI Assessment scores on file prior to registering for classes at SFA. If you plan on attending an Orientation session, you should submit your scores to SFA well before your arrival for Orientation. Students who come to Orientation without scores must begin their Orientation by taking the TSI Assessment if necessary.

There is a two-step process to obtaining TSI Assessment scores:

Step 1: You must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).

Go to to take the PAA specifically designed for SFA. Once you finish the Pre-Assessment Activity you will receive a Completion Certificate by email. PRINT OUT this certificate and put it in a safe place. You cannot test without this certificate! It is suggested that you do not delete the email you received containing the certificate. If you misplace your certificate and delete the email, you will have to take the PAA again to obtain another certificate. Testing centers cannot print out your Completion Certificate.

Step 2: Take the TSI Assessment.

Contact your local college about testing availability in your area and schedule the TSI Assessment. Take your PRINTED Pre-Assessment Activity Completion Certificate to your testing appointment. You cannot test without this certificate. You will get a score report when you finish testing.

  • You may submit your scores by fax 936-468-7611 or take a picture of your score report and email it to  Be sure to indicate on the score results your SFA ID number to make sure the scores are posted to your account; reports without a verifiable identification number will not be processed.

  • If you are unable to schedule a testing session at your local college, you will need to contact SFA's Testing Center to arrange to test at SFA. SFA's Testing Center will accept PAAs from other schools, but you must have the Completion Certificate in your hand to show to the testing proctor when you arrive to test at SFA.

  • Testing scores are required in ALL indicated areas before your registration in classes can proceed.
  • Scores from the TSI Assessment must be verified and on file with the Academic Advising Center prior to enrolling in any coursework.

  • TSI testing does not affect your admission to SFA; it is used only for placement purposes.

We highly recommend that you send us your scores by fax as soon as you have access to them. Do not wait until Orientation to bring us your scores. Sending your scores in advance will save yourself valuable time at Orientation.

Remember: If you must take the TSI Assessment, your scores must be on file with the Academic Advising Center prior to enrolling in any coursework at SFA.


Passing TSI Scores

Multiple Choice  + Essay*
TSI Assessment
    363      +        4
* If Essay score is 5 or higher, you pass the Writing section regardless of Multiple Choice score.


Completing TSI Requirements with Coursework:

If your current TSI Assessment score is below passing, you must enroll in the required developmental course(s). These courses are designed to help you improve your proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. You must enroll in developmental coursework beginning your first semester at SFA and remain enrolled in the developmental coursework until you prove college readiness.

NOTE: Developmental courses DO NOT transfer between schools.


If you have any questions or concerns about TSI, please contact the Academic Advising Center.

Phone: 936-468-5803
Fax: 936-468-7611


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