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How to change or declare a major

Declare a Major
As a prospective student, you declare your major when filling out your application for admission to SFA. The major you put on your application is data-entered into the system as the major you plan on pursuing at SFA. If this is not the major you plan to pursue OR you change your mind and want to change your major, follow the Changing Your Major instructions:

Changing Your Major
If you are an incoming freshman and will be attending one of the freshman orientations, you may change your major at orientation. If you have already registered for classes, then you will need to wait until you return to campus to change your major.

For students registered for classes at SFA, you have to report to your dean’s office and request to change your major. You will complete a “Change of Major” form and then be asked to take that form to your new dean’s office.

Students with 45 or more earned hours must have a major. Undeclared is not a major.

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SFASU Academic Advising for Undeclared Majors
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