Password Education

All Residence Hall rooms and apartments have high-speed Ethernet connections to the SFA network.

SFA has a firewall in place between the SFA network and the internet, but this will not protect users from systems plugged directly into the network. 

Anti-virus and anti-spy ware software will greatly reduce the vulnerability of systems connected to any network.

Whether your system is being moved from home or if it is straight out of the box, you need to do the following BEFORE YOU PLUG IT INTO ANY NETWORK :

Set strong passwords on each User Account on your system (including the Administrator account).

A significant issue on campus is the infection of systems via weak account passwords. Various worms, Trojans and hackers will compromise a system despite the presence of strong anti-virus and anti-intrusion software via these weak account passwords.

One of the reasons for this is that most computer accounts are not password-protected.  Several of the recently-released internet worms will scan a network for other computers and then try to log onto those systems as "administrator" or an Administrator-equivalent User.  The passwords being tried are generic passwords, like “password', ‘1234', ‘4321', etc.  These attackers will also try a blank password or try the User Name itself as the password. Once the account is logged into, the system has been completely compromised.

As a trial, SFA's ITS department setup a PC with no passwords on any User Accounts. The PC was infected and attempting to infect other machines within ten minutes, (Even with anti-virus and anti-spy ware software installed).

Password-protect all User Accounts on your system.

If you have any questions about system scrutiny, contact the Shack at (936) 468-HELP.