Verify Automatic Updates

Microsoft Windows Vista turns on Automatic Updating by default. To verify that updating is turned on, follow the manual instructions below.

1. Click the Windows Logo Start Button (Where the green "Start" button was in Windows XP) and click on "Control Panel".

2.  Click on "Check this computer's security status" under "Security" in the Control Panel.

3.  If the "Automatic Updating" section is turned on, then you can proceed to Step 5 of this Student Support Disk. If Automatic updating is turned off, then click on the "Change settings" button.

4.  In the "Choose an automatic updating option" window, click on "Install updated automatically (recommended)".

5.  When the User Account Control pops up, select "Continue" instead of the default "Cancel".

6.  Once Automatic updating has been turned on, then the Windows Security Center should look like this.