Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for Windows Users


If necessary, open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start button then Settings then Control Panel. Or, if you are using the default Windows XP Start menu, click Control Panel (Settings does not appear). If, when Control Panel opens, you are prompted to "Pick a category," click on the "Switch to classic view" option at the top of the left column.

Double-click the Internet Options icon to open the Internet Properties window. Click the Connections tab.

Is the option "Always dial my default connection" selected? (See Figure 27.)

      If you never use a dial-up connection to access the Internet, select "Never dial a connection."
      If you do occasionally use dial-up, select "Dial whenever a network connection is not present."
      Click the "Apply" button to apply the configuration change. Go to 37.
No. Go to 37.
            Figure 27
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Created: June 1, 2002
Last revised: November 28, 2003