Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide
for Windows Users

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  Make sure you have your Windows CD and Ethernet adapter driver disk available before making any configuration changes, including device removal. Many times configuration changes, particularly removal of a device such as an Ethernet adapter, will require either the Windows CD, a driver disk, or both in order to successfully update the configuration and/or reinstall the device.  


If you are receiving an “illegal operation” error when you attempt to open particular software applications or perform specific tasks, stop here. This troubleshooting guide will not help you in resolving the problem you are experiencing. “Illegal operation” errors are usually indicative of some form of resource conflict on the computer system. You will need the assistance of a qualified technician to resolve this type of error. (Also see question 17 of SFA's ResNet FAQ for more information on "illegal operation" errors.)

Are you receiving an “illegal operation” error message?

    Yes. You should seek technical assistance from a knowledgeable source.  
    No. Go to 1.  
  Telecommunications & Networking Dept.
Created: June 1, 2002
Last revised: November 28, 2003