SFA's ResNet FAQ

How can I connect if I do not have a Ethernet (or network) card?
Dial-up (also known as PPP) access using a standard analog phone line and modem will remain available to both on-campus and off-campus students. For more information and "how-tos," you can visit the Online Student Help Pages at http://libweb.sfasu.edu/systems/newppp/index.htm published by the Steen Library and its Library Information Network Center (LINC).

All on-campus student dial-up access is available through a single, 4-digit extension number, 7100. Off-campus student dial-up access numbers are 559-2102 and 559-2119 numbers.

Telecommunications & Networking Dept.
Created: June 1, 2001
Last revised: November 30
, 2003
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