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What is the difference in connecting to the Internet by modem and by Ethernet?
The Ethernet network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and any computer connected by this means (plugged into an Ethernet wall jack), powered up and configured properly maintains a full-time, "always on" connection to the Internet. A modem utilizes a standard RJ-11 phone jack and phone cable and only provides connectivity for the duration of the telephone call providing the connection. (Note: Ethernet and telephone connections require different cable types and connectors—see Figure 2a and 2b. A phone cable will not work when plugged into an Ethernet jack.) Another major difference between dial-up access via modem and on-campus Ethernet connectivity is connection speed. Under optimal conditions, dial-up connections will be significantly slower than Ethernet connectivity.
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Created: June 1, 2001
Last revised: November 30, 2003
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