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  2. What do I need in order to use the campus Ethernet network?  
    You will need a 10BaseT, 100BaseT, or 10/100BaseT Ethernet card. Our equipment will auto-negotiate to either 10 or 100 Mbps speeds dependent upon your network (Ethernet) card. You will also need the drivers that come with the card. These usually reside on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM. (You may also need your Windows CD—or other operating system CD or disks.) Additionally, you will need an Ethernet cable and the instructions in Appendix A of the residence hall handbook. These instructions contain the basic information for configuring your computer for the campus network. These instructions are also available via the web at http://libweb.sfasu.edu/info/ethernetinst/pcethernet.htm for Windows users and at http://libweb.sfasu.edu/info/ethernetinst/macethernet.htm for Macintosh users.  
    What kind of cable do I need?  
    You will need an Ethernet cable. These cables come in various lengths and colors--typically blue, green, gray, or yellow, see Figure 2a below. They will have RJ-45 connectors (similar to a standard phone cable connector only larger; see Figure 2b and 2c) on each end. These cables might also be referred to as Category 5 or Cat 5 (also Cat V) patch cables. The University Bookstore located in the University Center has both network cables and cards available for purchase as should any retail store that sells computer related equipment and supplies.  

Figure 2a
Figure 2b
8-pin               4-pin
Ethernet        Phone

Figure 2c
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    Do I need a modem to connect to the Ethernet?  
    No, a modem is not necessary to access SFA's campus network, only the Ethernet card and cable described above. That is not to say that you cannot use a modem to gain Internet access if you are experiencing configuration or driver problems prohibiting connectivity via the Ethernet. On campus dial-up access will continue to be available for those requiring it. However, Ethernet access and access via modem dial-up are two unrelated methods of access. Refer to question 3 and question 7 for additional information regarding modems and dial-up access.  
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