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I keep getting an error message that something has "...performed an illegal operation..." every time I try to open a particular application or perform a specific task. What do I do?
An "illegal operation" error is usually indicative of some form of resource conflict on the computer system. This can be either a hardware or software conflict. Often it is a case of multiple software applications attempting to use the same memory space, but can be related to other system resources as well. You will need the assistance of a qualified technician to resolve this type of error. It often involves identifying and removing conflicting software applications, but may require a complete system rebuild or reimaging to correct. Before taking that drastic a measure, however, review any recent changes to your system. Have you added new software applications, new hardware or changed system settings? Do you have an antivirus application running on your system with current virus definitions and you've preformed a recent complete system scan? Often if you can undo the change that was made, you can resolve the conflict. Otherwise, you should seek technical assistance from a knowledgeable source.

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Created: June 1, 2001
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