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I keep getting an error message about another device on the network using the same IP address. What do I do?
This error message will often occur when another user on the network has improperly configured their system with a static IP address rather than setting it to "Obtain an IP address automatically." (Refer to the item 4 of the How to Connect for Windows Users for a quick, interactive walk-through to verify your system configuration.) It can also occur when an end user’s system is not releasing and renewing their IP address lease properly. If you are running a Windows operating system, you can refer to item 3 of the Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for Windows Users available on SFA's ResNet Support CD for step-by-step guidance to attempt resolution yourself. Otherwise, you should contact the SHACK at 1514 Baker St at 468-HELP (4357) for assistance and creation of a work order if necessary.

When reporting the problem, it is important to report the problem as an IP conflict. If possible, you should write down the exact wording of the error message, including all numbers and/or addresses listed. This information will aid the network technicians in resolving the problem. (see Figures 16a and 16b.)
    Figure 16a
Figure 16b
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