SFA's ResNet FAQ

  1. Who can I contact with questions about the campus Ethernet network?
Who can I contact if I am having problems getting connected to the campus Ethernet network?

What do I need in order to use the campus Ethernet network?
What kind of cable do I need?
Do I need a modem to connect to the Ethernet?

  3. What is the difference in connecting to the Internet by modem and by Ethernet?  
  4. Can I use a modem and the Ethernet on the same computer?  
  5. How much does my Ethernet connection cost me?  
  6. What is an Ethernet (or network) card?  
  7. How can I connect if I do not have a Ethernet (or network) card?  

What does an Ethernet connection look like on my computer and in the wall?
Which wall-jack do I plug the Ethernet cable into?

  9. Will Ethernet work with any operating system (Windows 95/98, Me, 2000, XP, Linux/Unix, Mac OS, etc.)?  
  10. Can I use a Mac or a PC?  

How do I install an Ethernet card?
How can I tell if my computer has an Ethernet card installed already?

  12. While installing my Ethernet card, the Hardware Installation Wizard keeps prompting me to insert the disk and the disk is already in the drive. Now what?  
  13. When launching my browser software I get a message about a dial up connection or my computer starts dialing. What do I do?  
  14. I have an Ethernet card installed with the correct drivers and I have the correct cable but it is still not working. What do I do?  
  15. I was in another residence hall and my computer was working there, but is not working in this one. What do I do?  
  16. I keep getting an error message about another device on the network using the same IP address. What do I do?  
  17. I keep getting an error message that something has"...performed an illegal operation..." every time I try to open a particular application or perform a specific task. What do I do?  
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  Telecommunications & Networking Dept.
Created: June 1, 2001
Last revised: December 1, 2003
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