Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for Mac Users


Open the TCP/IP Control Panel by opening by clicking the Apple icon on the menu bar to open the Apple menu then select Control Panels and then TCP/IP. (See Figure 16a.)

With the TCP/IP Control Panel open (see Figure 16b or 16c), verify that your system is configured to Connect via "Ethernet built-in " and the Configure option is set to "Using DHCP Server."
Figure 16a

Figure 16b
Figure 16c

Does your control panel resemble figure 16b, displaying "<will be supplied by server>" in the IP Address field?

Yes. Go to 7.

No. It is displaying an IP address.
Does the IP address begin with 144.96?

      Yes. Go to 8.  
      No. It starts with "169." or something other than 144.96. Go to 9.  
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Created: August 22, 2002
Last revised: November 30, 2003