Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for Mac Users


Click on the Apple icon and then select System Preferences from the Apple Menu. (See Figure 14a.)

Double-click the Network icon in the Internet & Network section of the System Preferences window. (See Figure 14b.) This will open the Network properties. (See Figure 14c.)

    Figure 14a Figure 14b Figure 14c  

If necessary, click on the TCP/IP tab to display the TCP/IP system configuration. Make sure that "Built-in Ethernet" is selected in the "Show" field. Select "Using DHCP" in the "Configure" field. Under "Domain Name Servers" type in the ResNet name server IP addresses: and Under "Search Domains" add Click on the "Apply Now" button.

Is there an IP address in the IP address field now that starts with 144.96?
Yes. Go to 8.
No. It starts with "169." or something other than 144.96. Go to 11.
Telecommunications & Networking Dept.
Created: August 22, 2002
Last revised: November 30, 2003