Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide
for Mac Users

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Is the patch cable securely plugged into the computer and the “blue” wall jack? (We recommend you unplug and then plug the Ethernet cable back in at both computer and wall jack. As you do this, listen for the "click" indicating a secure connection.) For more information and assistance in identifying the proper system port as well as wall jack, refer to the question 8 in the SFA's ResNet FAQ. For assistance with identifying the Ethernet port, see item 5.

    Yes, I have unplugged and plugged the cable back in at both the computer and the wall jack. Both "clicked" and are securely connected. Go to 2.  
    No. Unplug and plug the cable back in. After waiting 30 to 60 seconds to allow your system to "synch" with the network switch, try to open a web page. If you still cannot establish a connection, go to 2.  
  Telecommunications & Networking Dept.
Created: August 22, 2002
Last revised: November 30, 2003