Automatic Image Resizing
in Internet Explorer

  If, when viewing individual images, they appear "fuzzy" or "grainy" as shown in Figure 1, the Automatic Image Resizing feature in Internet Explorer is most likely enabled. You have two options to enable you to view the images at their full-size to achieve the intended sharp, clean image.
Figure 1

Option 1: Use the Automatic Image Resizing icon to resize the image.

When you hover over the image with your mouse pointer, an Image Toolbar will appear at the top of the image and the Automatic Image Resizing icon will appear at the bottom. (See Figure 1) Click the Automatic Image Resizing icon and the image will be displayed at full-size.



Option 2: Disable Automatic Image Resizing.

Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Start button then Settings then Control Panel. Or, if you are using the default Windows XP Start menu, click Control Panel (Settings does not appear). If, when Control Panel opens, you are prompted to "Pick a category," click on the "Switch to classic view" option at the top of the left column.

Figure 2


Double-click the Internet Options icon (see Figure 2). Click the Advanced tab then scroll down to "Multimedia." Uncheck the Enable Automatic Image Resizing and click OK. Images should no longer be automatically resized by Internet Explorer.

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Created: December 1, 2003
Last revised: December 1, 2003